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Medication Assisted Treatment


Ready to be done with opioids?  FDA-approved medication can help you manage cravings without giving up your life. Join the 1000’s of members in quitting opioids and alcohol with medication-assisted treatment.

You can now live your best life —just in time for the holidays.

Licensed therapists—gives you the tools to find out why you use and strategies to remain drug-free.

Telemedicine appointments—allows you to schedule and maintain appointments conveniently from your home or office.

Primary care—ensures you’re on top of your regular medical care.

Monthly membership—gives you unlimited visits when YOU need them.

Home or office visits—saves you time and avoids driving and traffic by the recovery team coming to your home or office.

Medical detox— helps you withdraw in the comfort of your home with licensed bedside nurses, IV fluids, medication and close monitoring of your condition to help you feel better.

Recovery Focused Health Care

With both alcohol use disorder (AUD) and opiate use disorder(OUD) attention to regular medical health and needs is often overlooked. We offer full baseline labs to identify any underlying medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypertension and other medical pathology. In addition, our family practice physicians are accepting new patients to give you unparalleled access to premium healthcare. 


Licensed Therapy

Learn the tools to help you find out why you use and ways to stop. Weekly visits help you stay focused on your recovery

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Medical Detox

Allows you to withdraw in  your home with licensed bedside nurses, IV fluids, medication and close monitoring.

Primary Care

Feel better knowing you’re on top of your health with a primary care provider, full labs, referrals and imaging as indicated.

Tele Medicine

Virtual visits allow you to see your provider in the comfort of your home or office and saves you time by avoiding driving, traffic, and parking.

Telemedicine  also enables you to take off less time at work and is easy to schedule for same day appointments. If enrolled in our primary care options, we can also treat minor colds and flu, urinary tract infections and routine medication refills among other complaints with a simple telemedicine visit.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) supports expanded use of telemedicine as an appropriate and efficient means of improving health, especially in light of the world-wide pandemic.

It’s just better medicine.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

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