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Medication Assisted Treatment

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Enjoy unprecedented access to your healthcare your providers. The recovery process can be challenging, and you may need extra time and care to help you through these difficult times. Our membership model enables you to have as many visits as you need to help you get on solid ground.

Multiple weekly appointments can be helpful, especially in the beginning, to establish new strategies for managing your health. The small patient panels allow your provider to focus on a limited number of patients and provide quality over quantity.

Easy access, open communication, longer appointment times, all coming to you in your home or office at your convenience.  

This is just good medicine.

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We use the latest advanced technology available including diagnostic radiology, laboratory studies and point of care labs and referrals to specialists, consultants and a higher level of care as indicated.

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Patient Satisfaction

Enjoy unprecedented access to your healthcare team and providers. Patients experience non judgmental, professional and highly competent care.  

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Access Recovery prides itself on making the process as easy and problem free as humaly possible. You have cell phone numbers, telemedine and texting options.

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Better Outcomes

Our membership model allow us to manage significantly less patients so each patient gets premium care and our patients do not get lost in the shuffle.




Suboxone is the brand name for a medication called Buprenorphine and Naloxone. It is FDA approved to treat opiate use disorder and has been gaining popularity over the last 25 years.

Buprenorphine is a partial opiate agonist that blocks the opiate receptors and reduces the cravings and withdrawals. Naloxone is a full opiate antagonist and exerts no clinically significant effect however if taken other than orally it blocks the effects of the opiates thus reducing the abuse potential of the drug combination.  To help manage other symptoms, we also use medications such as Zofran and Clonidine.

For alcohol use disorder, we use medication such as Acamprosate, Naltrexone and Disulfiram to help manage both cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

This treatment modality combined with a multidisciplinary approach helps us increase long-term recovery for both disorders. Counseling, 12 step meetings, nutrition, exercise and the treatment of any underlying medical conditions all go towards a whole person approach with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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