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Using your health insurance for urgent care and primary care visits is like using your car insurance for oil changes, it just does not make sense.

We can do way better, for both the patient and clinician.

We are able to offer exceptional service because we have fewer patients and more time to devote to them. This is not assembly line medicine. This is a boutique premium service at affordable everyday prices. Patients love it because of the excellent care and our providers have a much higher job satisfaction.

This is just good medicine.

Membership does not replace insurance, which is necessary to have for surgery and major illnesses. For everything else however, we are here for you and your family, for all your medical needs.

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With both alcohol use disorder (AUD) and opiate use disorder(OUD) attention to regular medical health and needs is often overlooked. We offer full baseline labs to identify any underlying medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, STDs and other medical pathology. In addition, our family practice physicians are accepting new patients. family practice

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The standard plan we offer weekly appointments until stable and then monthly appointments for maintenance. The monthly maintenance visits can be done via telemedicine. We offered laboratory testing and referrals as part of this plan as well.

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Our premium plan comes with a subscription to Access Medicine. Which is our family practice and urgent care practice. These appointments can be mobile or office.

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Primary Care

Our telemedicine service helps manage your medical conditions without having to be exposed to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Mobile Urgent Care and Family Practice

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